imoo Watch Phone Y1

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Features :
– Two-Way Calling, with LDS (Laser Direct Structuring) technology and the latest 3D circuitry, keeps you connected with your child at all times.
– 5 Accurate Locating, Knowing where the child is precisely with Real-Time Locating, supported by GPS, Base Station (BS), Wi-Fi, Accelerated Positioning Sensor and A-GPS.
– Chats. Communicating with groups of family and friends with audio chat is easy and fun.
– Class Mode. The child can only see the time and call the Watch Phone Admin after enabling this feature in the parent app. Let your baby concentrate on studying at school.
– School Safe Route. Once activated, the application will actively send notification notifications when the child arrives at school, returns home, stops on the road, and leaves school. Your child will be safer going to school.
– Add Friends. Fellow imoo Watch Phone owners can make friends to support children’s ease of communication with their peers.
– Swimming Waterproof. Water resistant to a depth of 20 meters using the IPX8 high level waterproof component. Provides more effective protection when the child is swimming.
– Ultra Long Standby. using the world’s leading Silicon Anode Nano battery technology, so the battery’s stand-by power increases rapidly even though the battery weight remains the same
– Plus other features such as: One Click Emergency Call, Blocking foreign messages, Emergency Power Backup, Stopwatch, Auto On / Off, Activity Schedule

Spesifications :
Color: Purple & Blue
Weight: 47g
Screen Size: 0.91 inch
Dimensions: 245.37 x 40 x 12.98 mm
Watch Body Length: 40.30mm
Strap Material: TPSIV 60A
SIM Card: Nano SIM
Ram & Rom: 4MB,8MB
Connection: 2G
Official Warranty: 12 Months


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