imoo Watch Phone Z6

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– Front & Rear Dual Camera. Z6 is equipped with dual cameras, 5MP for the front camera & 8MP for the rear camera.
– Realtime HD Video Call. With the dual camera feature, HD Video Calling with children is safer, parents can control the mode from the front camera to the rear camera and vice versa.
– Flip-Structure. The world’s first Flip Mode where the rear camera is hidden when the watch is folded. Can be useful for taking photos, short videos, stickers, and object recognition.
– 8 Types of Accurate Locating. Supports accurate positioning based on GPS, Base Station (BS), Wi-Fi, Camera-Assist, AGNSS, GLONASS, Global Servers and Acceleration sensors.
– Swiming Waterproof. Water resistant to a depth of 20 meters using the IPX8 high level waterproof component.
– Drainage feature. Using the drainage feature in the Watch Phone after swimming can help drain the speakers so that the sound quality remains clear.
– Class Mode. The child can only see the time and call the Watch Phone Admin after enabling this feature in the parent app.
– Safety Guard. When this function is activated, parents will automatically receive a message whenever the child leaves the registered school and home area.
– Customized AMOLED with Super Retina Display. Designed with a high resolution of 320×360, the pixel density (PPI) reaches 342, the resolution height exceeds the resolution limit of the human retina. The specially designed AMOLED material emits less blue light thereby protecting your little one’s eyesight.

Spesifications :
Color: Emerald Green and Purple Lavender
Weight: 66 grams
Screen Size: 1.41 inch
Storage capacity: 8GB
Data Connection: 4G & WiFi Connection
Battery Size: 680 mAh Silicon Anode Battery
SIM: Nano SIM Card
12 months official warranty


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